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A fresh, unique and innovative event that unites and represents the industry’s best interests. The JIF Sydney by the Jewellery Industry Network brings together a strong buying event with the Jewellery Industry Summit, a business-centric event for the jewellery industry. The culmination of these two strong industry events will give retailers, jewellers and industry members an inspired event to propel them forward into the strongest buying season for the industry.

Run by the Jewellery Industry Network, the Jewellery Industry Fair and Summit, have the backing and support of all JIN brands, meaning the Fair is open to significant exposure to all JIN channels. 

De Beers, Amazon Collaborate on Diamond Tech Project

Amazon is collaborating with De Beers subsidiary Element Six to develop what’s considered a holy grail for synthetic diamonds: using them in quantum networking.

Antia Lamas-Linares, who runs Amazon Web Services’ Center for Quantum Networking, told Bloomberg she believes the technology will be in use within “years rather than decades.”


The Jewellery Industry Network is excited to launch, the industry’s very own Jewellers Pod! This versatile pod allows you to move your workshop if required, set up individual workspaces in a larger factory, or perhaps set up somewhere remote with a beautiful view.

Elsewhere can assist you in retrofitting solutions which will convert the pods into a fully functional jewellery workshop including: Elephant trunk extractions; LPG and oxygen gas supply.

JIN Members Networking

Take the opportunity to join our JIN Networking events, in order to grow your network within the jewellery industry. 

With two networking events per month, in different states throughout Australia, you are bound to find one that fits your work schedule and lifestyle. 

Join JIN today to become a Free Member and meet with us at an event near you!

GIA backtracks with the reintroduction of printed reports

All diamonds submitted to GIA laboratories for the Diamond Dossier service on or after 9 April, as well as all diamonds already held by the Institute on this date, will be returned with a printed GIA Diamond Dossier report.

The printed reports will follow the same structure as those issued prior to January 2023 – when GIA introduced digital-only reports.

Why Not All Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Created Equal

The potential structural and crystal differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds, as well as between lab-growns in general, go well beyond the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat size), and can often be seen with the naked eye. That was the gist of an hour-long presentation that Reinsmith and Payne gave at GIA headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., on March 1 as part of the institute’s monthly guest speaker series.

5 Timepiece Trends At Watches And Wonders Geneva 2023

While it may be a stretch to describe luxury watches as trendy, there’s no denying that Swiss watchmakers are conscious of the zeitgeist, and have begun to embrace it in meaningful ways. The timepiece trends spotted at Watches and Wonders Geneva are proof of that.

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