Jewelleryindustry network

Who We ArE

We are passionate about building and uniting the industry, with you.

The Jewellery Industry Network was established in 2020 with the aim to enhance the jewellery industry through education and support.

 Understanding the industry, JIN was created to assist and connect all areas and types of businesses within the jewellery industry. With the desire to knit together the delicate fabric of the industry, JIN works with small and large businesses to strengthen them and unite them towards a strong, ethical and sustainable future. 

Ewen Ryley - Founder
Laura Moore - Managing Director
Brett Low - Founder
Andy Phanthapangna - Director

What We Do

We offer capability, agility and quality.

With a diverse set of skills, backgrounds and expriences, the team at the Jewellery Industry Network is actively working with you to strengthen your business, whether that be from your internal operations to government assistance. Our team is dedicated to bringing together all available tools so that the Jewellery Industry can thrive into the future and be a shining example to the world of Australian manufacturing and industry. 

What Sets Us Apart

Connection, community and education.

Our business model is not like others. The driving force for the team at JIN is to see the Jewellery Industry thrive, through increased capabilities, skill sets, quality assurance and community connection. 

The Jewellery Industry Network believes in a bright and successful future for all businesses in the industry and is passionate about helping each and every one of them along the way.

Grow your Business

With UsThe jewellery industry network